TCK Resources


Bookends International

Jeanne started Bookends International years before I started Kids Books Without Borders.  She also sends boxes and boxes of books to families living overseas.  Jeanne is a nurse, and homeschooled her four children, now adults.  She grew up in a remote area of Alaska where there were no libraries.  She has been a huge help and encouragement to me as well as my go-to person if I have questions or concerns.  Thank you, Jeanne!


Michele Pheonix

Michele is a TCK who grew up in France and spent 20 years teaching at Black Forest Academy, a boarding school in Germany for TCKs.  She is now living in the US and works for Global Outreach Mission providing support for third culture kids both on the field and in churches around the US.  She also has a blog as well as many articles about TCK.  In addition, she is a published author of three novels for youth adults that explore issues related to being a third culture kid.


Heidi Tunberg

Heidi works for Reach Global as their MK Care Coordinator for college and Career age.  She grew up in Malaysia and Singapore where her parents were ministering with the EFCA.  She is a licensed psychologist who spent seven years in private practice.  She now provides pre-field, on-field and re-entry support for TCK. In this role she offers both encouragement and practical assistance and information to MKs as they return to the US for college.  In addition, she seeks to be a resource to parents as they raise their kids internationally.   She currently lives in Minneapolis, MN with her two matching schnauzers, though she spends much of her time on the road visiting MKs in the U.S. and overseas.

If you enjoy Pinterest, Heidi Tunberg has a treasure trove of boards related to a wide variety of TCK resources and interests, including a wide range of TCK children’s book and other books of interests to families living overseas. 


Communicating Across Boundaries

Marilyn is a adult third culture kid who grew up in Pakistan and lived overseas in Egypt with her family as an adult.  She now lives in Cambridge, MA and has 5 grown children.  The focus of her blog is on cross-cultural communication and third culture kid issues. There is a tab on her blog for TCK resources that has a wealth of information including blobs, websites, movies, counseling and articles.  Marilyn Gardner is also the author of Between World – Essays on Culture and Belonging, published in 2014.

Books to use with Children about Third Culture Kid (TCK) issues (

This list was originally compiled by Karen Wrobbel, Beth Wyse and Janet Blomberg and is used with permission from Interact—a publication produced by Interaction dealing with issues in TCK education and care. It comes from the October/November 2001 issue.  The Lists are books that parents can use to help their children process their experiences as TCKs. The books are given codes based on approximate ages: P for preschool (ages 3-5), E for elementary (ages 6-11), M for middle school (ages 12-14) and H for high school (ages 14-18).

Summertime Publishers

Summertime Publishing specialises in publishing books by and for people living abroad with a particular emphasis on Third Culture Kids and issues affecting the global family.   They also have a blog.