About Kids Books Without Borders

Hi! Welcome to my website. The purpose of Kid’s Books Without Borders is to send books to families living overseas who have little or no access to bookstores or libraries with children’s books in English. My desire is to encourage these families by providing, free of charge, quality books for overseas families to read to their children and for their children to enjoy reading independently.

Many families write to me and say that one of the things they miss the most about living overseas is those weekly trips to the library. One woman told me her daughter read so much that the librarians at her local library knew her by name. My desire is to be that library away from home! One of my favorite activities to escape the stresses of daily life and get away from it all, is to curl up in a chair and get lost in a good book. My desire is to provide that same stress relief to overseas families.

Books are not only fun and relaxing; for growing children, they expand their vocabulary, their imaginations, and their minds and expose them to other worlds and places. Books can also share stories from the lives of great men and women who have gone before us.

In addition to providing books for your family, I will regularly post on my blog stories from my own life experience as a third culture kid and recommend books that I have read and loved or that my family has read together. I will also share information about my ministry and any exciting developments. Please feel free to post comments – I would enjoy your reactions, suggestions, stories, favorite books and thoughts. Thanks!

Final Note: I love waking up in the morning and checking my email to find a book request from yet another overseas family accompanied by a note telling me that they heard about me from a friend, overseas family, website, or blog. If you have received books from me, I erncourage you to spread the word so that others can benefit as well.

The more you read,
The more you’ll know,
The more you learn,
The more places you’ll go.

Dr Seuss


13 thoughts on “About Kids Books Without Borders

    • Hi Terry,
      Yes, I would love to send your grandchildren books! You can have them email me and I can send them my list of books on librarything. Or if you want to send them books directly or as a gift, I can send you the link to my librarything as well.


  1. Hello! I just stumbled across your site from the blog missionary moms companion. What an awesome ministry the Lord has given you! My family and I are missionaries on the island of Hokkaido, Japan and just 2 weeks ago returned back to the states for our first furlough. I would love to find out more about getting books while we are in Japan! We have 11 children, 9 boys and 2 girls. Thank you again for your wonderful thoughtfulness towards MK’s, what a blessing!!
    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Shellee,
      Nice to meet you and your family. I hope your first furlough is off to a good start. To access my booklist and order books, just send me an email. I look forward to helping you get some books to take back with you.


  2. Hi there
    I cannot believe that you exist. You are absolutely awesome.
    I have two kids seven and four who love to read books.
    I heard about you through a group of precious ladies.
    We live in India.
    We would love to benefit from your library. How do we get access to this lovely library?


  3. Hello there. I am a Mom of eight children. Our family is at the beginning of a new adventure following God’s leading to ministry in Guatemala. We moved here with six of our children (aged 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 17) in January of this year. We are homeschooling and were able to bring the books necessary for that, but the kids are missing reading books – the reading for sheer interest and enjoyment. Would we be able to have more information about participating in your program? Thank you so much for your heart for this ministry.


  4. I LOVE THIS MINISTRY!!! I am a missionary mom of three kids who loves children’s books! I am always trying to sneak books into our suitcases to take overseas, but the weight always limits what I can take. Last summer we had to head back to the states due to cancer and I gave away my whole children’s book collection so that the kids there could enjoy them as I knew we would have access to the library here. I would love to help spread the word about what you are doing because it is such a great way to get books to kids (and moms) who love reading them!! Thank you for what you are doing!! ❤


    • Hi Nancy, I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s medical issues. I pray for healing and God’s grace and comfort as you and your family walk through this difficult journey. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’m so glad you were able to share your library collection with other families overseas. I’m sure it was a huge help. And yes, please spread the word. Thank you!


  5. This is such a great ministry. Feel so blessed to hear about it.My family and I are living and serving as missionaries in Thailand. My children are 6 and 2 years old. They love to read. We are homeschooling and I would love to be a part of this ministry and be able to use your library. Thank you for what you are doing


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