Photos and stories


Fall 2015 Aria and Ellie in Africa


Tyler (age 4) and Elle ( age 2) from Indonesia.  They just returned to the US for a visit and were very excited when the books arrived at their grandparent’s house. Their mom told me that when they went overseas one of their suitcases was full of books.


Anna (15) from Hungary. I was excited to send books to Anna as I have two teenager daughters who love a lot of the same books. Also my grandfather was Hungarian! Thanks, Anna, for the great photo. Enjoy!


Hi Gail,
thank you so much for your email asking us if we have any books we might like to donate. I must say, you have struck at a cause very close to my heart! I was a missionary in the Phillipines with two little children and hardly any quality children’s books. I remember once someone sent a picture book about Blackberry Farm, and I cried at the illustrations. They were so crisp and colorful and they gave my daughter a chance to imagine something she had never seen before, but something that was so familiar to our extended family. Another time when we were in Tonga I got hold of “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” Oh how we all loved that book! What a sneaky guy he was. We rationed it to reading aloud one chapter a night, but one night I couldn’t stand it any more and after the children were asleep I sneaked back and read to the end.
I do have some of our books that I would gladly donate to your cause.
Keep up the good work!
Janet Benge

A big thank you to Lisa Tawn Bergren who donated some signed copies of her new book God Gave Us Angels to Kids Books Without Borders.


Thank you to the Waterford and Todd families for their book donations to Kids Books Without Borders. It’s great to have families in my community who love books and want to help families all over the world! Merci!

photo 2
Nov. 2014

“Wow! We just couldn’t pull it together when the box arrived last week! We were so blown away by it all! Sofi had a test on the US states the next day so one book came in handy the first night! And we got the Thanksgiving story straight in time to know what we were celebrating!

So many great gifts that we will never forget because these books will be with them for life!


December 2014
Mary in Costa Rice writes:
“Micah and I also delved into the poetry book by Shel Silverstein…and even now, he still asks for his poetry book at night and quotes some of his favorite poems to us.”
This is a photo of him reading it on his air mattress (he gave Grandpa & Grandpa his room for the 10 day visit).



Books sent to children’s ministry in South Africa – March 2015


Ali, Ava, and Kylah in Mexico
May 2015




Briana and Gabriel in Romania – Summer 2015

IMG_4692 (640x427)IMG_4694 (640x427)IMG_4695 (640x427)

Carmello, Henley, Trey and Ameya in Haiti – Summer 2015

They say a very big “THANK YOU!” for all of the books

Johnathan and Mahalia in Brazil – November 2015

Look what was at the post office when we went to town today! The kids didn’t even know about it, so they were very surprised and excited when they realized they were getting a box FULL of new reading material!

They had a lot of fun pulling the books out and exclaiming over each one.

After emptying the contents of the box, they settled down and started reading. They sat and read for over an hour and a half until some neighbor kids came over to play for a bit. As soon as supper was over, they were right back to the books, and read until bedtime. I’ve heard lots of giggles and contented sighs coming from them.”    Tracy

Nalandson and Dalencia in Haiti –  March 2016

“Our books arrived today!   Thank you so much! Our kids are so happy!”  Jillian

Indeah, Josiah, and Dylan and Hannah in Papua, Indonesia – April 2016

Our kids and Indeah’s best friend have been little bookworms – such a joy to have so many fun, new, amazing books. Really such a huge blessing to us all.” Chelsea

Jude reading a Geronimo Stilton book

Jude, Dustin and Caitlyn in Central Asia – May 2016
[caption width="2913" id="attachment_1353" align="alignnone"] Nia and Elias in Turkey – October 2016
September 2017 – Caleb, Renee and Joel in Madagascar.
“We have all been enjoying the books so much!  What a huge, huge blessing. “

October 2017 – Holly in Asia
Hurray and thank you! Your box arrived today and we are all very happy after a marathon reading session.Holly was super excited and couldn’t wait to open the box. She just loved looking through the selection and choosing new books to read. We will have so many hours of fun out of the box

[caption id="attachment_1804" align="alignnone" width="3264"]866F3553-4F2A-44D5-9058-FBC5DAEB50E6December 2017 – Kyle in South Asia   “Look Mom! They’re all in English!!


“Books have arrived!”   Immanuel, Mary-Beth and Tabitha – Madagascar – March 2018

Matthew in Peru – March 2018 – “He enjoys reading so much!”


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