The importance of reading aloud –

As I was researching the life and writings of Katherine Paterson, another well-known award-winning author who books are amazing (blog post on her life and books coming soon!), I came across an interview that she gave for Reading Rockets, in which she highlights the importance of reading aloud to our children – I hope it will inspire you to pick up those books and read to your children today, no matter how young or old they are :

I think it is wonderful for families to read aloud together, and it really bothers me that parents stopped reading aloud to their children when they can read for themselves. And that’s just about the time, we’ve learned, that children lose interest in reading for pleasure. So there might be a correlation there.

Well, I have a story about reading aloud in my family, because I used to read aloud to my four children all the time…

When my youngest was a senior in high school and all of her siblings had gone on off to college, and she was very lonely, she was giving me a recitation of all the things I did wrong as a mother, as teenagers are wont to do. And then she ended it up with, “And besides, you never read aloud to me anymore!” And I thought, Mary, I gave her a copy of War and Peace because she was one of my children who at 17 could understand War and Peace. And she wants me to read aloud to her still. It is a sign of, of wonderful love and affection to read aloud to someone, and we love it. So, we should never stop reading aloud.

And I think we should read aloud even after our children grow up, and we read aloud to our husbands and have them read aloud to us. Families don’t do that anymore. They used to. And when Harry Potter came out, a lot of families started reading aloud together, so I hope this is something that we will really think about and do.”

Note: underlining, bold print and images are my additions to the quote.


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