Christian Heroes: Then and Now

I’m so excited! I just received several boxes of books, which were graciously donated to Kids Books Without Borders by Janet and Georg Benge and Renee Taft Meloche. The following books were included in the boxes and available to you and your family, on a first come first served basis:
Heroes For Young Readers – These were written by Renee Taft Meloche and illustrated by Bryan Pollard. Renee not only donated these but was kind enough to autograph all the copies she sent. “Whether reading for themselves or being read to, children love the captivating rhyming poems and unforgettable color illustrations of the Heroes for Young Readers series.” (for ages 5-10)

Nick Vujicic – No Limits

C.S. Lewis – The Man Who Gave Us Narnia

George Muller – Faith to Feed Ten Thousand

Christian Heroes: Then & Now by Janet & Geoff Benge. “This best-selling, missionary biography series – Christian Heroes: Then & Now – chronicles the exciting, challenging, and deeply touching true stories of ordinary men and women whose trust in God accomplished extraordinary exploits for His kingdom and glory.”
(for ages 10+)

Amy Carmichael – Rescuer of Precious Gems

Harriet Tubman – Freedombound

Gladys Aylward – The Adventure of a Lifetime

David Livingstone – Africa’s Trailblazer

Jonathan Goforth – An Open Door in China

George Muller – The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans

William Penn – Liberty and Justice for All

George Washington Carver – From Slave to Scientist

Elizabeth Fry – Angel of Newgate

William Wilberforce – Take Up the Fight

On behalf of all the families who live and serve overseas, thank you so much, Janet, Geoff and Renee!


3 thoughts on “Christian Heroes: Then and Now

  1. I would LOVE to get the Christian heroes them & now series if they are still available! What a treat!! Would you please email me your number again as well as the link for the book list? I think it disappeared from my computer.

    Thank you!
    Shellee- missionary mom in Hokkaido japan


  2. Is this offer for only missionary kids? We r homeschoolers and would LOVE the books for the younger children, but totally understand if it’s only for missionaries.
    Thank you,
    julie elmore


    • Hi Julie,
      Thanks for asking. I would love to offer the books more widely, but given the limited number of copies and the goals of Kids Books Without Borders, the books are for Third Culture Kids (families living overseas, who often don’t have access to English language children’s literature) and their families only. I hope you are able to find these, either at sales or at the library. They are great biographies.


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