Books, books, and more books

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My daughter, Laura, gave me this mug for my birthday. I love it! I don’t think there is any room of our house that isn’t cluttered with books; books in the bedroom, piled high on the bedside tables, books in the living room, spilling over from the coffee table to the floor, books in the hallways, the stairs, even book shelves in the closets.


One of my favorite children’s books about books is The Library by Sarah Stewart , with pictures by David Small – a husband and wife team. It is the story of a woman who loves to read. She is the ultimate bookworm. She also loved to go to the bookstore and buy books. By the time she was old, she had collected so many books, there was room for no more. What did she do to solve her problem? Read and find out! The text is in ryhme, and the illustrations are warm and often humorous. If you loved books as a child, you will identify with some of the scenes in this book, like this one:


Another book that I have several copies of is Good Books, Good Times, a collection of poems about books selected by Lee Hopkins. The book is short, with vibrant watercolor illustrations by Harvey Stevenson, and filled with fun poems for readers and book lovers, including this poem by Arnold Lobel:

Books to the ceiling, books to the sky,
My piles of books are a mile high,
How I love them!
How I love them!
I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them.

I love books, and books about books, but I also love to share that love with all you booklovers around the world. Keep those orders coming! Thanks for sharing about your families and your children’s love of reading. May the rooms of your house, wherever you are, be filled with books!


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