Books are on their way

I just finished packing up 4 boxes of books to send out to families in Turkey and Indonesia. Keep those orders coming!



4 thoughts on “Books are on their way

    • Hi Sarah,
      I’m so glad you contacted me! I would love to send you books. If you would like to order books, just send me an email, introduce yourself and I will send you the link to my booklist on Librarything. There you can browse through my books and select the ones you would like me to send to you. My email is


  1. Hello! I just read about your wonderful service on Marilyn’s blog, Communicating Across Boundaries. I love your idea! (Plus, I love books, too!) I also have a blog, A Year of Being Kind, and I would love to feature your awesomeness during one of the first Fridays in November. Here’s a sample blog post, just to let you know a little bit more about what I do.


  2. Wow! I raised 5 kids overseas and now have three grandbabies overseas. I know the difficulty of keeping good books around in english! What a wonderful service you are providing! I now live in Bolivia and my books are my treasures 🙂 I don’t have need of your free books but would love your book list. I am always buying books for my kids and grandkids when I am in the States.
    Thanks you!


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